I am attending activities organized by Savannah AS (Oppdal Safari) knowing the risks this entails. I confirm having received information from Savannah AS about these risks and possible damages.

Why sign the declaration?

In the event of an injury caused by the guest himself, Savannah AS is not responsible of any costs that may occur. Our guides provide clear guidelines for behavior and conduct during the activity. We can therefore not be liable for any actions inconsistent with this that could cause a person any harm.

I confirm that I have not had diseases that may provoke an acute attack. I confirm that I have not consumed and is not affected of alcohol or other drugs during the activity.

I accept that neither third parties, including family, on my behalf can make any claim against Savannah AS or to persons acting on behalf of the Savannah AS.

I am familiar with Savannah AS having liability insurance but no insurance against accidents . I therefore know that I am not insured through Savannah AS if an accident occurs as a result of situations /actions caused by me. Any claim against Savannah AS is governed by Norwegian law, and any proceedings which may be the consequence of this will be handled by Trøndelag Tingrett.

I am also aware that I am personally responsible for the loss of or damage that may occur to any of my personal belongings that I bring along on the guided activity.

I agree and confirm that I will not reveal any GPS location for any of the safari events that I participate in with Oppdal Safari/Savannah as. I will also not return to or share positions of animal dens, bird leks or nest locations that I see during the guided trips without a written agreement from Oppdal Safari.

I have read the above thoroughly, and understood what the statement means. I understand that by signing this declaration below, I accept those risks that activities organized by Savannah AS may contain and I approve the above disclaimer.

Applies the activities you have booked: I agree that pictures taken during the activities by Savannah AS can be used in marketing of Savannah AS’s products/activities.