Reindeer safari Book

Sigbjørn Frengen, Oppdal Safari

These mountain nomads are shy and wander far. Accompanied by a local guide increases your chances to see the wild reindeer.  In summer the calves are still small and neat.The animals fatten up before the mating season and winter coming along. In late September and in October the rutting starts and the males fight brutally to be allowed to spread their genetic material. The sight is majestic, and with luck we might get within good photo range. We do not guide the wild reindeer during winter and spring. The animals are not to be disturbed in times of difficulties finding food and calving.

This safari require that the partipiciants are in good health and that you are capable of hiking several hours.The first part of the tour takes place by car, trying to spot the herds with binoculars and telescopes. When they are located, we start hiking in the direction where we see the animals. The chances of seeing the animals is over 70%, and the chance to get closer will be around 50%. 
However -  we promise you a wonderful hike in the mountains in beautiful surroundings.

Warm and quiet clothes in beige/green/tan, gloves, hats, waterproof footwear.
Camera and tripod. Packed lunch and enough to drink for a longer day outside.

6-10 hours

Meeting point
Oppdal railway station or elsewhere upon agreement.

June 1st - October 31st, but not during hunting season (20.08 - 20.09)

Suitable for
Photographers, families, groups of friends, adventure seekers.
Maximum 4 persons.
We can offer a meal package upon request.