Musk Ox Safari Book

Join a safari through the beautiful landscape in Dovrefjell Nasjonalpark! With our highly educated and experienced guides, you have a 99% chance to see these magnificent animals. The hike is moderate, and the duration depends on where the muskox are that day. Our enthusiastic guides will give you insight into the area's flora and fauna. There is a chance to see birds of prey, reindeer and beautiful lichens during the hike. The safety distance is 200m. 

Dogs on a leash are allowed, but it is the owner’s responsibility to make sure the dog is fit enough to join. In some situations, the dog and owner may have to keep a slightly longer distance to the musk ox. Dog waste bags are mandatory.

Waterproof shoes with ankle support are recommended. Clothes according to the weather. Binoculars (if you have one). Lunch (Food / Drink). The guide will bring tea and coffee!

Meeting point
Oppdal railway station at. 10.00 am at the flagpole OR at Dovrefjell next to the highway E6 at 10.30 am (for you who comes from south of Oppdal). If at Dovrefjell, let us know in advance and we can provide exact road directions. PARTICIPANTS USE THEIR OWN CAR (mobile home is OK). Coming to Oppdal by train or don't have a car? Let us know in advance and the guide can give you a lift.

Suitable for
People who are used to hiking. Age limit children: 7-15 years old. Lower age limit: 6 years old for children that are used to hiking and motivated for a safari.

Approximately 3-7 hours, and the average distance is 12 kilometers.