Emily Ward

Emily Ward is an experienced rock climbing and mountain guide. Emily has been expedition leader on 10 Himalayan trips whilst searching for snow leopards, Himalayan wolves, Marco Polo sheep and bearded vultures. In addition she has a passion for analog photography.

Erlend Ekeland

Erlend Ekeland is enthusiastic and overflows with knowledge of botany, birds and animals. He has worked as a fisherman on Greenland and has a Masters Degree in Nature Management.

Johan Schønheyder

Johan Schønheyder started the guiding activity in 1995.  He knows the mountains around Oppdal, Dovrefjell National Park and the surrounding areas well and has local knowledge of history, animals, mushrooms and plants.

Morten Johansen

Morten Johansen is a renowned guide that has guided tours on every continent.  Over the last 25 years he has brought numerous people across Greenland and to some of the tallest mountains on the planet.