Vikings in Oppdal - a one-(wo)man show!

Sigbjørn Frengen, Oppdal Safari

You will have a good laugh while you learn abouth the vikings in Oppdal. The guide will show you around the burial ground and tell comedic stories through "communicating" with the dead among other things.

The Vang burial ground in Oppdal has an untold story. Why are there 900 graves gathered in one area when the normal way at that time was to bury people on their farms? How did some of the finest swords ever made in Europe and pearls from the middle east end up in these graves?

Afterwards you can practice your bow and arrow skills together with the guide! You will go home with a smile on your face wondering more about this mysterious historical time. 

The season starts 8th July 2023!

Klær etter været.

Gravfeltet på Vang. Nedenfor rv. 70, på linje med Vangslia skitrekk.

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Kultur- og historieinteresserte

Tirsdag og lørdag fra 8. juli til 5. august 2023. Ellers på privat bestilling.

Ca 1,5 time.