Capercaillie display from photo hide Book

Tetrao urogallus
Sigbjørn Frengen, Oppdal Safari

The capercaillie courtship is often referred to as "the most beautiful spring fairytale". It gives a special feeling to wander into the woods in the afternoon while enjoying the silence. The forest is slowly "waking up" after a long winter. After having arrived at the tent in the twilight, we occasionally hear the capercaillie flying to settle in the tree tops, before going down to the arena the next morning to fight for it's place. As soon as the sun shows sign of life, the snapping and grinding begins. Most often you will wake up by yourself because of all the noise going on outside the shed. It normally takes a couple of hours before the light is good for taking pictures, but don't worry, you have plenty of entertainment outside the tent meanwhile. The guide takes you to the tent, provides information and puts everything in order. The night you spend by yourself. The next morning the guide will be back to pick you up at nine o'clock. Then the birds usually have gone back to their feeding grounds.



Warm and soundproof clothes, gloves, hat. Camera and tripod, and food for the staying.

Meeting point
Oppdal railwaystation or other place on request

Suitable for
Photographers, families, friends, companies.
Max 4 persons.

From evening to 9am the next day