Black grouse display from photo hide Book

Tetrao tetrix
Sigbjørn Frengen, Oppdal Safari

The black grouse rumbles on the swamps of Oppdal throughout the month of April and the first half of May, and is a popular sight and photo object. Often the black grouse is tripping in the tent ropes and comes within the focus limit of your camera! We go to the tent area in the evening. Sometimes we hear an owl or two howl while you crawl into your sleeping bag.The black grouse arrives at dawn - then the show begins around the tent area. The guide takes you to the shed and sets up camouflage. You spend the night and morning with the black grouse. The guide will be back around 9 am to pick you up. The guide takes you to the tent, provides information and puts everything in order. The night you spend by yourself. The next morning the guide will be back to pick you up at nine o'clock. Then the birds usually have gone back to their feeding grounds.

Warm and soundless clothes, gloves, hat, high waterproof boots. Kamera and tripod. Food and something to drink.

Meeting point
Oppdal railwaystation, or other place by appointment.

Suitable for
Photographers, family, friends, companies. Maksimum number of persons: 4

From evening to 9.00 a.m. next day.